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Parallels 2016

Hello! I'm user paracyane on ao3, I'm glad that we matched on something! I'm really excited to see what you're going to be making for me :D Before I get into fandom-specific stuff, I want to list some of my general likes/dislikes to give you a baseline of kind of what I tend to enjoy in fanworks! All of my bookmarks on ao3 can be found here, if you think it will be helpful!

Fanart: Honestly I love fanart whether it's sad or happy or cute, for ideas I think it'll be pretty safe to go off of what I request for fanfiction, but please know that I will love whatever you draw!! My only request is that the art to not be too explicit because I will die... on the spot... lol

  • For canon-compliant fics, I really like character study/deconstruction of the characters, whether that be a backstory/previous experience or something else
  • I don't really like it when characters say outright, I like/love you
  • Pre canon, pre slash
  • Post canon, whether it be if they meet up after __ years and catch up/start a relationship, or they've kept in contact the entire time, if the characters' relationship has changed and how it has changed, or if they're still the same, and if so, how they've grown up in other ways, etc. Also, if they're still in the same profession/sport they are in current canon or not, reasons don't have to be explicitly stated!
  • I'm really into angst, lol, with or without happy ending. However, I don't really like it when the angst is unnecessary.
  • Developing relationship
  • Struggling established relationship
  • Denial of feelings
  • Friends with benefits
  • Friends to lovers
  • Slow build/slow burn
  • Characters "taking a break" from their relationship
  • Character A being clueless to character B's hopeless crush
  • I love friendship relationships!! Support in the sports world/other profession or in their personal lives, I love best friends... so much...
  • Closure is nice, but I also like ambiguity in the endings if the fic is leading up to it
  • If you're comfortable writing it, nsfw is great*
Dislikes/Things I would rather not receive:
  • College & coffee house aus (unless I have specifically stated otherwise - this does not include future-canon college settings)
  • I'm okay with some fix-it, but not so much that it becomes ooc
  • 1st & 2nd person POV (unless stated otherwise)
  • Character bashing
  • Polyamory (unless stated otherwise)
  • Non-canonical pronouns
  • Transgender characters
  • Genderswap (unless stated otherwise)
  • Lapslock (I like how it looks aesthetically, but unfortunately it makes a little hard to read for me because I have bad eyes rip :c if it's under ~4k then lapslock is fine, I think)
*nsfw likes/dislikes:
  • likes: oral sex, consensual hair pulling & face fucking, teasing (non-maliciously, verbal and physical), non-malicious orgasm delay, consensual breathplay, hickies, frotting, scissoring, (extended) foreplay, hand jobs, consensual bondage, consensual blindfolding, overstimulation, intercrural sex, clothed sex
  • dislikes: daddy kink, possessive pet names, really intense dirty talk, watersports, felching, bloodplay, body horror, gore, virginity fetish, rape/non-con, rape play, dub-con, a/b/o, mpreg
  • If you're not into writing nsfw/don't want to include it/want to make it non-explicit, all of that is perfectly fine!
  • I'm okay with underage stuff if it's set in high school, but for most other things, I'd be more comfortable if they are of age
  • I would not like pwp
  • I don't have a preference for top/bottom unless otherwise stated!
Some AUs I like:
  • Harry Potter - especially Quidditch!!
  • Inception
  • Action
  • Sitcom-style
  • Figure skating (but I am a long-time figure skating fan and am very familiar with most if not all terms, so I would prefer this AU not be used unless you're very comfortable with it!)
  • I also really like baseball and soccer! Basketball, cycling, and swimming are all fair game too :D
  • Photographer/Model (preferably non-sexual)
  • Author and/or editor
  • Boy next door (or girl next door)
  • Bars/Drinking
  • Domestic settings
  • Parallel universes
  • Soul mates
  • Immortal characters
  • Superpowers/superheroes and/or detectives
  • Medical students
  • This is a really incomplete list! Please don't feel pressured to only stick to these AUs c:

(in no particular order, characters are numbered for the sake of organization)

  • I have watched all the anime and am reading the manga! Spoilers are not a big deal. 
  • I'm more familiar with the anime canon details, if that helps. 
1. Nice
  • I've always wondered how he would've been different if in an alternate canon where they all lost their abilites. How much of him is defined by his ability and how would he change without it? (The details of this are up to you but I'd prefer if the "after-effect" of losing your ability wasn't present because I think it would be kind of tough to craft a story with that present? But again, up to you!)
  • On another note, I'm very interested in his relationship with Master (not in a romantic way, in a researcher/subject way!). 
  • Whether this is shippy is up to you, but I love the Nice/Art dynamic a Lot!!! I really do 
  • I wish there had been more on the Nice & Skill friendship in the anime, I'd love anything on that! 
  • If you translate Nice's backstory into an AU setting I'll probably love it automatically lol 
2. Art
  • I'm honestly disappointed at the lack of closure Art got in the anime... Like it was hinted that he went to jail but not for that long? And what is his life like after being released? Does he go back to his old job? Was he allowed to go back to his old job? How is he dealing with the loss of Gasuke? How does he generate income for things like rent and groceries? He seems to be spending a lot of time at Cafe Nowhere and the Hamatora detectives, is he joining them? Just, EVERYTHING. 
  • Otherwise, I'm open to any AU for Art, honestly. 
  • I love the Art & Gasuke friendship/partnership a lot!
  • For ships, again, I like Nice/Art. 
  • In an AU setting, I think I'd be open to Ishigami/Art as long as they're not super sweet to each other, lol. An enemies-to-friends would be really cool, I think. Or friends with benefits! Something really antagonistic and/or they don't end up together in the end/it's ambiguous. 
3. Birthday
  • I love Birthday so much!! His character warms my heart a Lot, really. I wonder how different his life is now that he isn't continuously plagued by his illness anymore, if that changes anything about him/his outlook on life.
  • If you choose to write an AU for him, I would prefer that his illness isn't the main topic of the fic. 
  • For shippy stuff, I like Birthday/Chiyuu (although they strike me more as platonic or queerplatonic) and Birthday/Ratio!! 
4. Ratio
  • I think a lot about the scene at the very end of Re: Hamatora when he was manhandling Suruga into healing Birthday and Birthday was like "HEAL ME ALREADY" and opening his shirt lol. Does Suruga end up helping Ratio out at the hospital? What does Ratio think about that morally, and as a doctor? 
  • I don't really want shippy Ratio/Suruga, but I think they could be interesting professional partners. If he had the option, how often would Ratio call Suruga and be like "hey can you heal this patient", and would that be a public thing? 
  • Shipwise I like Birthday/Ratio but I think I'd also be open to Nice/Ratio if that's more of your thing. 

  • I have watched all the anime and am caught up with the manga! I am planning on reading the light novels and will (hopefully) be caught up by reveals. (This section will have manga spoilers if you would rather not read them.) 
1. Nakahara Chuuya
  • I'm so fascinated by Chuuya, he has a position of power in the Port Mafia (even though he's only!! 22!!!) and yet Dazai just kind of plays with him however he wants LOL. I love Dazai/Nakahara a lot, I'd honestly love any AU with their backstory translated! 
  • Otherwise, I'm interested in his non-mafia life! Does he go out drinking a lot, does he go to clubs, what kind of person is he away from the Mafia? Or maybe his life outside of the Mafia doesn't exist? I'll leave that to you! 
2. Dazai Osamu
  • I wonder if he was always so ANNOYING to his co-workers even when he was in the Mafia, because in the anime there was only that one scene where he was training Akutagawa shown, and he was all serious and """badass""" lol.  
  • Dazai is the #1 mystery character of of BSD, in my opinion. I'd love any character study on him that attempts to deconstruct the enigma that he is! 
  • ALSO, I am honestly still screaming over the scene where he called Gin "Gin-chan" and talked about how she has a really cute voice and she used to be really short!!!!! Like we know that Dazai trained Akutagawa, did he train Gin too? What about Tachihara? 
  • Shipwise, I would really strongly prefer no Dazai/Nakajima, and am kind of on the fence about Dazai/Kunikida. I do like Akutagawa/Dazai, Dazai/Nakahara, and (whispers) Dazai/&Gin 
3. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke
  • I'm so curious as to his relationship with Gin. There isn't a lot of information on how Gin came to join the Port Mafia, if Akutagawa did or didn't want her to join, and how they treat each other as siblings. Also, (referring to ch.41 of the manga) Gin mentioned that she hadn't gone "home" in a while (home presumably meaning where she and Akutagawa live together), but where does she stay when she doesn't go home? What does Akutagawa think about that? What kind of big brother is Akutagawa? Why isn't it "public" that they're siblings? Does he approve of any of her non-mafia actions/her life outside the mafia (if she has one????)? Etc. 
  • Whether it's a shipfic or not is up to you, but I really would prefer nothing super sweet (because honestly. It's incest.) 
  • Otherwise, I like the Akutagawa/Higuchi (unrequited, preferably) relationship a lot, and also the Akutagawa/Dazai (unrequited) relationship.
  • I also would probably automatically love anything on Akutagawa/any Black Lizard commander (preferably Gin or Tachihara for age reasons). Akutagawa doesn't seem to talk to the commanders often even though he's in a position of power, and I wonder what his subordinates think of him! 

  • I have watched all of the anime (including OVAs). I am currently reading the webcomic, and I will almost definitely be caught up by reveals. 
1. Kashima Yuu
  • Kashima is one of my favorite characters! I love it whenever she does something even though she knows that it'll get Hori mad at her, or intentionally (but not maliciously) embarrass Mikoshiba ;_; I also think her relationship with Yuzuki is really cute
  • I don't think she's ever turned her ~charm~ on when she's with Yuzuki, I'm curious as to how it would affect her, if at all LOL 
  • For shippy stuff, I mainly like Kashima/Mikoshiba and Kashima/Seo. 
2. Mikoshiba Mikoto
  • His character is literally so... much... omg. Honestly don't take me seriously but I think a lot about him referring to his dating sims game with Tomoda to find all the answers to his questions about girls and life and EVERYTHING, he's so... dumb. I love it so much. 
  • Shipwise, my favorite is by far Kashima/Mikoshiba (I love best friends turned lovers). I'm open to genderswap of both or either characters! 
3. Seo Yuzuki
  • I would really really love a future fic for Yuzuki ;__; She's really cute and I just want her to have the world and whatever she wants and for her to be HAPPY ALL THE TIME, etc etc. I wonder if she'll pursue singing post-high school? 
  • I like Kashima/Seo and Seo/Wakamatsu!

  • I have watched all of the anime and am caught up with the manga. (This section will have manga spoilers, just a warning!) 
1. Akamatsu Shinji
  • I would honestly love anything on his life at Inashiro, how he's adjusting, how he's getting along with his senpais, who he's rooming with, his relationship with the other first years (especially Mitsuichi, but I love all of them!!!!!). There isn't a lot of canon information about Inashiro dorm life and I'm literally never going to stop being sad about it ;~; 
  • To summarize, I'd love any Inashiro gen centered around Shinji!!
2. Okumura Koushuu
  • I'm still waiting for Okumura and Furuya to interact because I honestly think they'd get along SO well, their personalities are really similar and I think they'd be able to understand each other and just Know even if they don't say it. 
  • Gen is great but if you want to make it shippy, I love Furuya/Okumura (can be queerplatonic), Okumura/Miyuki, Okumura&/Yui, Okumura & Seto. 
3. Watanabe Hisashi
  • I'd honestly love any future fic. What does Nabe pursue after high school? What profession? I could see him in the medical field, a doctor or maybe a personal trainer? Anything along those lines I'll love a lot! 
  • Shipwise, I love Kuramochi/Watanabe a lot (I know like What The Hell) but Kuramochi calls Nabe "Nabe-chan" and it's so CUTE I can't believe.  
4. Narumiya Mei
  • More than anything I love Mei and Shirakawa's friendship, how prickly they are and how much Shirakawa actually cares but masks it because he doesn't ever want Mei to know ;_; I'm okay with shippy gen or pre-relationship, but ANYTHING with these two is always so good
  • I also really like Miyuki/Narumiya!! Miyumei is probably my top Daiya pairing, so it's always a safe way to go c:
  • Other pairings that I don't necessarily have headcanons for but are interested in: Mukai&/Narumiya, Narumiya&/Sanada  
5. Kominato Haruichi
  • I don't think I have a very good grasp on Haruichi's character, but I would love anything where he's paired with Mei or Toujou! 
  • For Mei, I think they'd consider each other as equals, and they'd probably have really great conversations at bars *_* Each others' go-to drinking buddy. 
  • For Toujou, they're so supportive of each other and I love ANYTHING with them. I could see them playing the pocky game and accidentally kissing and then actually kissing. 
6. Hongou Masamune
  • I'd love a future fic for Hongou!! I love his relationship with Enjou and his "relationship" with Furuya, lol. I'm curious as to what he does after high school. Presumably, he'll be a high contender in the draft for his year, but does he choose not to pursue baseball? I think it's pretty likely he does, but that's up to you! 
  • I think the Hongou/Okumura battery would be very interesting! Also the Hongou/Miyuki battery. 
  • Also. I tweeted this as a joke but if it sparks your interest in any way, I say go for it!! 

Please don't feel obligated to follow my prompts exactly; you are of course welcome to ignore what I've put in favor of your own headcanons! I hope this letter helped even a little bit. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for writing for me!